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How It Works

Most of these promotions are offered by private resorts that are part of the "Vacation Ownership" Industry. They offer you incredible, cheap vacations or discounted travel packages in order to promote their resort and travel programs. They realize that a tour of the property takes time and planning on the part of the consumer, and that the consumer talks about their travels & trips with friends and family, and that every visitor might later become a buyer. So, it's in the resorts' own best interests to make a visit to their property worth the consumer's while.

So how does it work? ResortCentral.com puts all the information right in front of you and makes it easy for the resorts to share their latest offers with you. You receive great deals on vacations, additional gift certificates, dinners, shows and other fun stuff. The resorts receive great word of mouth advertising from their guests, plus online exposure at ResortCentral.com. We at ResortCentral.com are in the business of connecting unique, activity-specific resorts with people who want a vacation lifestyle that caters to their own interests and budget. We also go one step further, keeping you up to date on the latest vacation package tour deals – making it fun and easy for you to explore our clients’ exciting resorts yourself!

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Why Is It Free?

Why are resorts willing to offer you “Free Vacations” or “Cheap Vacation Packages” - just for visiting their properties?

Resorts and resort management companies spend millions of dollars to develop, build and a staff their properties. Next, they devise high-dollar marketing campaigns that attract visitors, guests and potential buyers with promotional incentives and free gifts. The promotional packages that we describe here at Resortcentral.com essentially represent the advertising budgets of our client resorts!

The reason resorts will offer you fantastic incentives for visiting is this: about 20% of the people who visit resorts, buy in to the resorts. Currently, more than five million households own vacation intervals among 5,000 resorts in nearly 200 countries. Since 1993, according to the American Resort Development Association (www.arda.org), the timeshare industry has been growing at a rate higher than 15% per year, making it the fastest-growing segment of the Travel & Tourism Industry.

Private resorts have offered travel and vacation incentives for years – it is their form of advertising. The problem had always been: how to inform the general public that these promotional offers exist. Now, it would be not entirely cost-effective to advertise your advertising. Enter the Internet. Thanks to Resortcentral.com and the power of the World Wide Web, resorts now have a lower-cost forum in which to post their promotional offers and packages, leaving them free to put more into the incentives they offer to you, the general public.

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